About Us

The Society grew out of a Pioneer Days Celebration on September 4, 1983 honoring Englewood’s first newspaper editor, Josephine Cortes, author of History of Englewood and Pioneer Days founder. In May, 1984 an organizational meeting was held, and by the next Pioneer Days celebration on September 2, 1984, the Society had organized a mullet roast for 150 people! The mullet was freshly caught by members of the Platt family and Bill Davis and Bob Cashatt foraged some swamp cabbage, which was cooked using Eula Davis’ (Bill’s mother) famous recipe.

In 1985, the Lemon Bay Historical Society was officially incorporated as a non-profit organization whose mission was “for the specific purposes of perpetuating the legacy of the past [and] honoring the pioneer settlers of the Lemon Bay area.”

Bob Cashatt, an artist who grew up in Englewood, designed our logo which depicts the early days of the Lemon Bay area. The grubbing hoe over the man’s shoulder was used to clear the scrub palmettos shown in front of the man. They had to be cleared before building or gardening.

The cabbage palm tree, to the left, furnished protection from the elements, and was also a source of food. The fronds were layered like shingles on both walls and roofs of shelters. The center fronds of new growth were woven into hats and the heart was eaten.

Fishing was the main industry and source of food for the pioneers. This is depicted by the fisherman in the boat with the net over the stern.

The sailboat brought supplies into the bay. There were no roads or bridges, only wagon trails. for the Society.


We always welcome new members. Membership dues are $15 for a single membership, $20 for a family. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month (generally) from September—April. You do not need to be a historian to join, just someone interested in preserving the history of this small town. If you’re interested in joining, download the following membership form and send it to us with your dues. We’ll welcome you!

The Church Museum is available to rent for weddings and other events.
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