We will have 2 Events in November:

Tuesday, November 15, 7pm: The Long Walk Home

On November 15 the Lemon Bay Historical Society will welcome Ron Zaleski as the speaker at our 7pm meeting at the Historic Green Street Church Museum at 510 S. Indiana Ave. The program is free to the public. Donations are always graciously accepted.

When Ron Zaleski returned home from his service to the Marine Corps in 1972, he was plagued by feelings of anger and guilt. As an act of penance, in 2006 he walked barefoot across the Appalachian Trail, where he learned self-forgiveness, empathy, and found a purpose greater than himself.

In 2010, he upped the stakes and walked barefoot from Concord, MA to Santa Monica, CA. He traveled over 3,400 miles without shoes, all the while carrying a sign that read “18 Vets a Day Commit Suicide!” and a petition for military personnel to receive mandatory counseling.

He is a member of The Long Walk Home, which is a veteran-led nonprofit dedicated to supporting veterans and their families in the transition from military to civilian life.”

Friday, November 18, 7pm: An Evening of Classic County Music with John Tuff & Friends

Here are some photos from John’s concert last Spring:


People have been asking how the Green Street Church made out during Hurricane Ian. It survived!  Just one broken window. But our new storage shed and some trees were ruined.
See Ian aftermath photos


Save the Date: The next Cracker Fair will be on Saturday, February 11, 2023


Organized by the Lemon Bay Historical Society, annual Cracker Fairs are our gift to the community. Admission is free. The Cracker Fair is the culmination of Lemon Bay Fest, a week of celebrating Englewood’s history produced by the 2 Englewood libraries. The Fair is also a fund-raiser for our community programs and our mission to preserve the fascinating history of the Lemon Bay area. 
Each year there are food vendors, live performers, crafts, demonstrations, authors, artists and activities for children. In past years attendees enjoyed lemon desserts, sampled swamp cabbage, watched the Bit of Hope Ranch give a whip-cracking demo, learned how to throw a cast net and interacted with animals brought by the Peace River Wildlife Center.
Become a Sponsor of the Fair to help celebrate our historic Englewood community!


The Green Street Church

The Green Street Church Museum at its new home on Indiana Ave.

The Historical Society is responsible for maintaining the historic Green Street Church building and its property. These expenses include lawn mowing, water, electricity, landscaping maintenance, insurance, taxes, building upkeep, etc.
We thank all of you who are sending in donations to help us maintain this historic landmark.



If you prefer, you can mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Lemon Bay Historical Society,
P. O. Box 1245,
Englewood, FL 34295

Thank you!



NOTE: We are now booking weddings and meetings at the Green Street Church building.
For information call (305) 504-7220.
Leave a message and we will get back to you.
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