D L Havlin

Author, speaker, international traveler, ship captain and retired business Owner D L Havlin will be our Guest Speaker

Tuesday, March 28th at 7pm at the Historic Green Street Church.


“My books are stories about life; about how great and how testing it can be.  Writing at my ‘mature’ age is an advantage when discussing living; I’ve experienced it and don’t have to utilize conjecture.  History is often my brick-mason for it can provide a building in which my story can live and breathe.  Writing fantasy, sci-fi, or other work requiring that there be no reality fences, I cede to the young author where the lack of restricting rationale is beneficial.”

DL currently lives in southwest Florida with his wife Jeanelle, his golden retriever Sandy, and cat Oreo. He loves the outdoors (fishing is his passion), music, football, and cooking.