Elect Charlie for MAYOR! (August 1 – 31)

Elect Charlie Hicks for PIONEER DAYS Mayor of the Day!
Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in voting for me for Mayor for the Day at Englewood Pioneer Days Sept 2-4, 2017. My charity is Lemon Bay Historical Society. Our cause is the moving of the Historic Green Street Church Museum from its current location to a lot adjacent to the Historic Lemon Bay Cemetery. This will be its forever home in order to preserve Englewood’s first church building c.1928.
To date, there are several ways to make your vote count:
**** $1 = 1 Vote ****
– For Checks, send to Charlie Hicks at 9413 Crugar Terrace, Englewood, FL 34224.
– For credit/debit cards or PayPal: click “Donate” below and enter your information.
Be sure to click into the 2nd block “Add special instructions…” and enter Mayor Vote, Charlie Hicks” (there is a special fund for this event).

Be sure to click into the 2nd block “Add special instructions…” and enter Mayor Vote, Charlie Hicks”
– For Englewood folks, there are several locations with donation boxes:
-You can also vote on the PIONEER DAYS WEBSITE, CLICK HERE
Deadline for voting is August 31 5PM. We appreciate your support for this great cause.
Thank you to La stanza Ristorante for having a ” Vote for Charlie Hicks” for Mayor of the Day Voting Container. So be sure to vote by putting a $1 in for every vote. Pioneer Days is just around the corner.
Jean Joyce Delivers a Voting Jar to Mango Bistro with Melissa Ignoti and Matt Rosado. Thank you Marie Laforge, Ricardo Marie, Marie Ricardo, Melissa Ignoti, Kathryn Birchmeier Holt and the entire staff for all your now and always to help your community.
Charlie at Stump Pass Marina (which his family built!) delivering a Voting Jar to Lighthouse Restaurant hostess Ciarra Conrad. Vote for Charlie then enjoy a delicious meal at the Lighthouse and take in the wonderful view!


Charles W. Hicks was born in Lakeland, Florida in 1940. In Kathleen, a nearby town, he attended one of the many “strawberry schools” in the area that closed for vacation the months of January, February and March so that students were available to pick strawberries without missing school.
The Hicks family, dad, mom and three boys moved to Englewood in 1947 and dad, Wiley, became a commercial fisherman who went on to develop Hicks’ Marina in the mid 50s. The family enlarged the facility in the 1960s. Today, it is known as Stump Pass Marina.
Charlie graduated from Venice High School, enduring long daily bus rides, in the days before Englewood was blessed with Lemon Bay High School. In 1958 following graduation, he joined the Army, mustering out in 1961 and going on to a distinguished 31-year career with Delta Airlines.
He and his wife, Kathy, were drawn back to the area by his Englewood roots in 1999 and immediately got involved in the community. He is a long-time member and President of the Lemon Bay Historical Society. As a member of the Englewood United Methodist Church, Charlie is best known for coordinating the volunteers who make the $6 Wednesday night dinners so successful. He is also a member of the Secret Society of Smoked Mullets that recognizes individuals who contribute to the community.


From the Pioneer Days website:
The “Mayor for a Day” will be officially announced at the Cardboard Boat Race on Saturday September 2, 2017 and receive the “Mayor sash” prior to the start of the first race. Duties will include selecting the “Mayors Choice Award” at the Cardboard Boat Race, riding in a vehicle for the Parade on Labor Day (vehicle provided by the EPD Committee), selecting the “Mayors Choice” for the Open Car Show on Sunday September 3, 2017 and “Mayors Choice” for the Corvette Car Show on Monday, Labor Day September 4, 2017. The duties don’t stop there, the “Mayor” will proudly wear the sash and be the “Mayor For A Day” until next Labor Day weekend in 2018. Public appearances could also be part of the yearlong bragging rights and helping YOUR charity for more than a day.

Historical Tour

August 27th:

12 – 2pm: Historic Green Street Church Museum Open House

 1 – 4pm: Visit the proposed new site for the Historic Green Street Church, on the south side of the Lemon Bay Cemetery