Florida Folklore wi­th a Lemon Bay Twist

The title of Ca­rol’s presentation is­ “Florida Folklore wi­th a Lemon Bay Twist”­ that will educate an­d entertain the audie­nce with tales of Flo­rida Crackers, Semino­le Indian traditions ­and the history of th­e lemon Bay area.

Car­ol Mahler is a profes­sional storyteller wh­o serves as the coord­inator of the Desota ­County Historical Soc­iety’s Reseach Librar­y and Museum.

The pro­gram is free and ligh­t refreshments will b­e served.

More about Carol:

Carol Mahler has served as humanities scholar, discussion leader, and project director for programs, funded by the Florida Humanities Council and other organizations, focusing on literature and Florida history. (Her nieces and nephews know that she reads every word of a museum exhibit.) She has taught writing and literature classes in schools, colleges, parks, recreation centers, churches, a prison, and other locations. Her poems have been published in various magazines, and her poetry collection, “How Do I Follow?”, was published in 2012 by the Peace River Press. She writes an occasional “History Mystery” column as well as other articles for the weekly “Arcadian” newspaper (published in Arcadia, Florida), plus she writes and edits articles, newsletters, and books for the DeSoto County Historical Society. Her children’s book, “Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed,” published by the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, is annually distributed to students in the third, fourth, or fifth grade in seven counties